solution for 1140 crashes client with auto structures

Case number:845829-2001223
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With 1140, I'm seeing somewhat random crashes when loading certain solutions. One solution, shared with scientists at 12667, caused several crashes when I tried to apply auto structures. No debug.txt file was generated in these cases. The sequence was: load solution, select all, run auto structures.

I've somehow gotten around the crashes now, without changing anything. I had a couple of similar crashes opening an earlier version of this solution.

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Scoring on this puzzle seems to be pretty confused also. The 12667 share wanted 12716 to evolve. It eventually evolved, showing an evolver scoreboard score of 12721. The score in the client was only 12674, however. An autosave at 12721 exists, but loads as 12674. The client seems confused about whether the solution is evolved or not.

The 12721 autosave has been shared with scientists as well.

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Totally missed the previous feedback on this issue:

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Changed topic to crash/hang. One day I'll learn.

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Consolidated both posts into other thread. :)


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