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I have looked at several articles on how to create a group and how you are supposed to disable chat for students. I personally have downloaded the program and have at least one puzzle active. I think that one is supposed to add puzzles into a group for students. However, I am not seeing how to do that. Additionally, I would like non-group chat disable for my students. I looked at a page that had some screen shots, but I don't see how to get to the category "Menu" for example. I will add that I have a group already created.

I want to put together a simple set of instructions so my students can take advantage of this program, and I would appreciate some help!

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Okay, I did find how to

Okay, I did find how to disable non-group chat within a puzzle. Would that be universal for all my students then? I still have the question on how to assign the puzzle to the group. Do you have to disable chat for all puzzles?

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Hi there! You can find some

Hi there!

You can find some instructions here: http://fold.it/portal/node/996074 that may help you out. Additionally, it's my understanding that once you turn off chat, it remains off.

Let us know if you have more questions.


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