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I have downloaded this several times now but don't seem to be having any luck. Im downloading the program and its saving to my download folder but when i go to install overtime it installs into the download folder and not launchpad. i have tried dragging it to launchpad but it just creates a shortcut. when i delete the file from my download folder the program is gone. just wondering if I'm downloading it wrong or should i not have it save to downloads.


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Hi there,
While you haven't specified what version of Mac OS you're using here, but just as a note - Foldit is not supported on versions of OSX older than 10.7. In November 2014 we made this change because changes to Rosetta require us to use more recent build tools on OSX. Unfortunately, these new tools do not support pre-10.7. Since you are using 10.6 or earlier, you may want to consider upgrading if you are using an older version of OSX. These versions are no longer supported by Apple themselves and aren't receiving security updates. may help you out!

10.7 is also noted in our download box on Foldit's home page, and we always encourage downloading a client directly from our site. As a quick side note, we do note that there are known issues with 10.7.5, and we strongly encourage using Mountain Lion and above (10.8+).

Hope that helps.


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