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with player permission, it would be great if we could get some all player access to "good" solutions for some puzzles. Many of us struggled with the H bond puzzles. Drug dev is down the pike. If we could load after a puzzle is done with player permission, and have ability to rotate, adjust view, etc it would be a great learning tool
Might even be good to post some puzzles that didn't "work" along with explanation. Brow suggested there had once been an all player forum Perhaps we could revive this. Example below

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Share a solution with Everyone:

In addition to Share with Self, Share with Group, and Share with Scientists,
there could be the option to Share a solution with Everyone, but if you Share
with Everyone, they won't get to see what you have shared until after the puzzle

I'm not sure how to fool-proof this. Like what if one player shares a solution
with the group, and then another person goes and shares this same solution with
everyone? What if a solution has been evolved by many in the group, and some of
them don't want to share it with everyone, and then one player in the group goes
and shares it with everyone?

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Constraints on Share with everyone

I love the idea of sharing 3D images of some folds, because the 2D screenshots we now share have their limits. I think limiting the "Share with everyone" option until after the puzzle is a good option. Also, maybe a good compromise would be allowing "Share with everyone" for only the "revisiting" puzzles, where sequel puzzles aren't so likely.

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Only on solo tracks

Maybe the Share with Everyone option could appear only on solo tracks. The upside is it avoids the permission problem on evos; the downside is the community would still have no way to view interesting evo solutions that are significantly different from their underlying solos.

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Record author approvals on solutions "Shared with Everyone"

When we were picking solutions during 2014's CASP competition,
the Foldit team sent us a list of solutions along with the
soloists and evolvers (authors) who worked on each one,
so this author info is accessible for each solution.

Perhaps for every solution "Shared with Everyone",
there is a record of what authors have approved sharing it so far.
In the "Open/Share Solutions" menu, for these solutions,
each player could see messages like "Shared with Everyone (pending)",
"Approved by 3 of 5 authors", and "Approved by me" or "Not approved by me".
When all the authors have approved it, the messages would change to
"Shared with Everyone (approved)", "Approved by 5 of 5 authors",
and "Approved by me".

In general, "Shared with Everyone" would behave like "Shared with Group".
These solutions would only get shared with all other Foldit players after
a puzzle ends if they have been approved by all the authors. Ones marked
"Shared with Everyone (pending)" would not get shared with all Foldit
players until every author has approved them.

If a player evolves a solution "Shared with Everyone" and opts to share the
result with everyone, all the approvals from the original could copy over
to the new one. New authors would be added to the totals as needed. Also,
authors could change their approval of these shares whenever they wanted,
so previously "approved" ones could go back to "pending".


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