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I have only just download and installed the game today.

At login screen, I could only read text when hovered, and barely.
Create account would just lay text above text.

Created account on website instad, and guessed where to write login info.

Now I am in the game and I guess there is some tutorial info, because I can see 4 soft corners, and a button in the bottom of the half framed area, saying "Tell me more..."

My guess is that these text areas should have a dark background color.
They do not have the wrong background color. It is simply missing, so background is transparent.

I have been unable to find anything about this on forums :(

Image of me playing ingame with the bug, not inserted because of forum bug:
"body contains a URL. Please play Foldit in order to be allowed to post URLs"

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Bug reports

Hello there!

Please put all bug reports in feedback, here: http://fold.it/portal/feedback - this is where our developers check first when looking for bugs. Please include as much possible as you can, including computer type, screenshots and information about any graphics cards that you may have.

The forums are best designed for general game suggestions and ideas.



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