Client gone Squiffy

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Everyone in my group is having more than the normal number of problems with the client since the latest update. Filter puzzles are apparently the worst, with fluctuating scores. But even simple ones like 1089 are crashing when doing simple things like checking a buddy list.
It might just be a few lines of code.... but definitely causing problems. Have seen others note similar problems on Vet Chat

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addition -- no ability to add buddies now

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Hey Skippy - this is fantastic. If you or any member of your group has any way we can possibly replicate the issues here (steps are helpful and get us to the solution faster), that would help.

Do the group members with problems use PCs or Macs?

Also please encourage anyone you see in chat mentioning issues to add to your thread!

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I haven't noticed these generalized problems but:

1090: Win client

Toggle filters on: score updates immediately
Toggle filter off: score does not update until you do something that changes the score.

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Toggle filter off: score does not update until you do something that changes the score.

This is intended. The filter scores are still valid until something about the protein changes. Once you make a change to the protein that could result in that filter score being wrong, it will become invalid.

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my group is mix of MAC and PC. 1088 or 1089 crashed trying to check buddy list. when try to add a buddy from fold it page, get message "required page can not be found". I'm on a PC, windows 7

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Client regularly goes unresponsive when refreshing saved/shared solutions, having to reload client.


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