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I'm wondering if I can make a script call an external software. Example

1)Foldit script output on the external software the atoms position
2)The external software return the new position.
3)Foldit update the shape to the new position

The reason is that in that way I would be able to improve the recipe using other languages that could be connected with databases.

thanks a lot

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foldit and external software

here is a link to documentation about Lua commands:


you can look there to see what a Lua scripts can do

the Foldit people seem to have left out commands to (a) open a named file, (b) read data from an opened file.

outside of Foldit, you might be able to read the external data base, get the data, create a Lua file with the data, and then run it in Foldit.

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Foldit input/output:

You can read named files by copying and pasting their text into a LUA Textbox
and then parsing the results inside a LUA Recipe. See below for details:

You can also create output files by controlling what Foldit Recipes print to the Recipe Output.
All of this Recipe Output appears in a file called scriptlog.default.xml on Windows machines.

With enough LUA coding, you can probably set up the
input and output files to be compatible with your external program.

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More info:

http://foldit.wikia.com/wiki/Lua_Scripting gives many links about LUA coding.

At present, Foldit won't let you read or set xyz coordinates or dihedral angles,
but it will let you read and set the lengths of bands between atoms
and read the distances between atoms.

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Hello Jeff

Goooood, exactly this. If it works Ill post here.

thanks a lot

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Hello brgreening. Thank you for your time replying it.

I was looking more deep in the forum and I found some replies regarding this, and unfortunately seems that they don't want this to happen. I guess they want to keep as game after all.

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standalone version

If you want to import and export PDB files for non-gaming purposes, you can use the standalone version of Foldit (designed for scientists, it has no connection to the game). You can get a license and download the software at:


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Thanks for the suggestion Susume



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