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Allowing scripts to upload/download to both yourself and teammates would give current scripts the ability to update and integrate across multiple Foldit clients. Simple commands can be included in the description.

At intervals a running script can connect to the server and gain information on any new uploads. The description can then be parsed and the script can determine if the description contains one of the flags unique to the script running in the current Foldit client. If a flag is found, the script can download the solution, run the desired action, then upload the solution with new flags or it's unique flag removed from the description.

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With a little extra lua coding from our side, this could alleviate a small part of the need for the "pause" feature requested in another thread. Periodically the protein would be uploaded by the script, downloaded and handfolded, then the player would re-upload including one of the script's flags in the description. The script could then download the solution and continue.

One big problem I see with allowing scripts access to upload would be if a script began uploading continuously. Some simple limitation could be time based or score based to prevent continuous uploads. My wish is that the server could tell which uploads came from a script and each player is allowed 5 automated uploads, as a new automated upload is made, the oldest automated upload is removed.

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It's implemented now for local yourself (not for groups yet)



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Now is would be useful to be able to delete a local solution.

Justification: If I decide to save locally a lot of solutions, I can decide to locally delete the oldest ones in order to save place on my hard disk.


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