DEVPREV; animation of HBonds eats bandwidth

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Opened by:Bletchley Park
Opened on:Friday, May 1, 2015 - 23:40
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Please make the HBond display a static one (the blue is fine), the animation eats bandwidth when connected over a network.

The filters say 'hover over for mor information' but no information is shown when hovering over a hbond blue line. What should we expect to see ? This is not explained anywhere. What do the RED lines mean ?

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You need to hover over the blue part of the network line not over the blue/white hbond in order to color the whole network greenish/yellowish. After about half a second an info box then will appear.

When you hover over a red line it says: "This bond is scoring too low to be part of the network."

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Hi Madde, I did that and it did not show the popup. It turns out that for that popup to appear, you need to check the checkbox 'Tooltips/ Popups' in the General options menu, something I have disabled by default because the popups and tooltips drive me nuts. After enabling it to test I did indeed see the popup, thank you.

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there has to be a better way.... pop ups are like Windows Clippy -- something to be killed after 2 days with any program. Could this be fixed. Based on example above, not likely worth it anyhow

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I imagine, as streaming becomes a more and more common way of doing *everything* (Isn't this your solution to the constant request for iPhone support?) that you should just add a checkbox that disables all unnecessary animation: dialog fade, ranking fade text, +- points fade text, dancing voids, dancing exposeds, move tool fade, and of course, the spiraling hbonds and bridges. A streaming user would much rather have all these things be static, or just pop in and then pop out. All these simplified graphics should be collected into one check box.


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