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my solo, saved locally on my computer for 1075 will not load onto my computer under any of my tracks as a solo. It was worked in the old version and kept on clients opened before dev prev update. yet every time I now load it to work on it, it call it evo. only have a few hours left.
tried various tracks, etc. even if open in new version, seems should be able to load my own solo from my local machine. frood can't figure this out either
Grrrrrr. help

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inky checking this out. but any help welcome. can pm me

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I had a problem with 1075, see the *crashes* feedback by BeltchleyPark.


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Can you share this solution with scientists?

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Problem resolved when I closed the dev prev client. warning to all who might want to work in both old and dev prev at same time:

you must stop running all programs in old clients before take update. i do always save extras so I can share with my team and keep one to spare for a possible crash

failing to do so meant my own solos showed up as evo when I tried to open in old client windows

closing dev prev window solved problem, but only after I rebuilt....

learn something new every day. thanks to Bletchley Park for the help in identifying source of problem

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many players (both old and new) can get caught out with an update. Currently an update simply updates. Can we please have a check on this?

Can we have a block on an update till it is allowed by further action by the player? (like a checkbox)

This would avoid many unexpected (and often unseen) updates taking place.

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You must not be paying attention when opening a new client. This functionality already exists, and has for a very long time.

There is a "Skip" button to bypass/reject the updates.

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Angus / Jflat
Thanks. I knew that can not share from new version to old. but did not know old must be shut down from any activity while download occurring. I had purposely saved some old clients for things team would evo. They didn't work until I closed the dev prev -- would not even let me load my own local saves unless it called them evos. So live and learn. I think dev prev not worth it given that my team likes to evo
RE loading after opened dev prev client after trying to salvage my 1075 -- the old version client crashed. I'll be done with dev prev now. Too difficult when on a team that encourages beginners to join and tries to help them learn the game. I get more satisfaction from that than dev prev.
I appreciate everybody's help

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Something wrong with voting on this thread wanted to upvote Angus's post but the vote button is greyed out. Have only just opened this post and not voted on it?

I recall one of the devs saying that they were quite surprised that we could open multiple clients successfully, they were not unhappy with the results.

as jflat says he and others are working with a legacy system written by scientists

I am continually amazed by the uptime and functionality of foldit

Back to the point - when you open a new client there is an opportunity to skip the download which starts automatically but you have to be quick.

It may be preferable if possible to make that event a user selected/agreed download rather than an automatic one, so when you as a user open a new client and a new version of foldit is available the process will start but nothing will be downloaded to your personal device until you have explicitly approved the download.

This would be in line with expected download processes in 2015

At this point a warning message could also be included recommending that you close all other clients to avoid unpredictable consequences

Personally when I open a new client I know I have to watch the first screen carefully and be poised to hit the skip button.

I never accept a new download without first preparing - and do keep separate copies (backups) of the all macro file so I can access favourite scripts quickly to catch up.

Some players like to keep old versions of the client, which may be good practice for gamers, may not be much use if you can't play new puzzles

so to avoid issues, close all clients before accepting an update and watch the screen when you open a new client so you can stop the download.

BP and others can provide better advice on impacts of a new client download on one device across multiple concurrent endpoints.

If you run devprev you are implicitly accepting the risk of unpredictable behaviour in the new client and possibly different scoring results as well.

The point of devprev is to test before sending the release to main it may affect your score for a particular puzzle, your choice to play using devprev rather than main.


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