Please tell maximum filter bonus in puzzle comments

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On a puzzle with filters, in the puzzle comments where you describe the active filters, it would be very helpful to include the maximum total bonus available from filters. One of the most popular scripts (thanks, Timo!) now requires this info as input, and if one has yet to satisfy all the filters there is no quick way to find it out.

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Groups: Void Crushers Is the recipe, perhaps the explanation of this requirement could also be added in the recipe comments to assist users.

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It depends on the filter, but there isn't always a predefined maximum. For example, the HBond Network filter maximum bonus really depends on how good of a network you're able to make. Which filter in particular were you looking at?

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The script in question (TvdL enhanced DRW 2.8) keeps filters off most of the time for speed, and turns them on to check credit score only if current (unfiltered) score plus max filter bonus is greater than prior (filtered) high score. (If max filter bonus is not enough to make current score higher than prior high score, the latest change is abandoned without taking the time to turn on the filters). Maybe you could tell us the max possible from the filters that have a max for that puzzle, and some kind of "typical" range for filters that don't have a max. Even without the script, it is useful to know how much bonus is possible when deciding whether to try to satisfy the filters on a given pose or just start over.

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Why can't the recipe simply turn on the filters ?

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Turning the filter on can take seconds. As this operation filter ON/OFF repeats often (like in recursive wiggle), the system imagined by tvdl in edrw2.8 saves a lot of time, which make this recipe very efficient.

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As a rule of thumb I use 810 points for standard design puzzles as the bonus for edrw, I don't turn the filters off on other puzzles like cys bonds, network bonding or pretend electron density because there is only one filter running.
I imagine you could set the bonus higher, say 900 until you are in a position to see what it actually is.


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