Enabling filters in Lua is not running the filters

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SetFiltersDisabled(false) is supposed to run the filters and give you a valid score. This is not happening. SetFiltersDisabled(true) and SetFiltersDisabled(false) are executing when they should, but I never see the red line blink off or the score change when they run, and I don't get credit for a higher valid score, even though the script found a pose whose valid score is higher than my credit best. When I stop the script and run the filters by hand I then get credit for the higher valid score.

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This is working correctly in another script (TvdL enhanced DRW 2.8.0). The script where it was not working was TvdL enhanced DRW 2.4.0 modified with BitSpawn's overloading functions for filters.

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Indeed, I observed the same some times. Not sure it is always the case with BitSpawn's function because it happens to work well also. Some times also, manual "toggle filter" does not change anything.

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