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1059: Player-Solution Trimer Redesign B
Status: Closed


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nobody has enough computing

nobody has enough computing power to run 2 of these at the same time

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Some of us don't have enough

Some of us don't have enough computing power to run just one of them !

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now now, no shirking RM :)

I think the idea is for us all to run 5 clients for each to provide a rich variety of solutions; plus another two clients for the other two puzzles and a few more for any evolvers you may be attempting :P

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crashes when trying to run scripts in devprev

What is the point of running devprev if it crashes all the time with half the puzzles

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I think that is the point. That way, any bugs that crop up can be found and reported by the devprev people so they can be fixed before that version makes it to main.

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