Help testing the recent DevPrev release

Case number:699969-2000445
Opened by:jflat06
Type:DevPrev Issue
Opened on:Friday, February 27, 2015 - 00:03
Last modified:Tuesday, March 17, 2015 - 14:12

Hey everyone!

The recent DevPrev release contains some sensitive changes that need some extra attention during testing. If you are a DevPrev user, and are up for some testing, it would be extremely helpful if you can test the following 2 rules:

1. At no point should you ever have another player's solution as a guide without also being an evolver.

2. At no point should you get credit for a solution when a filter calculation is out-of-date.

If you are able to violate either of these rules, please send me a private message with instructions on how to reproduce the exploit.

Thanks, and good luck!

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In the pre-update version I noticed that if you have another players puzzle loaded as a guide, and you 'reset the puzzle', the guide remains. Has this been changed prior to the release of the new version, as I think it could cause a problem ?

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Yes, in the new version if you reset the guide disappears.

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Recent changes to Puzzle start times for Ed or similar interesting puzzles seems to have moved to start late on Sunday for those in the southern hemisphere who work full time means that I don't have time to do any testing over a weekend, sorry.

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"out of date" is a very unintuitive error message for a filter that needs recalculation.
"Filters need recalculation" to me seems a far more appropriate message if a filter need recalculation.

Please change this in the next release. "out of date" gives me the impression that my client is not the latest and especially if that filter message is followed by "scores will not be updated".

"Filters need recalculation" then also inheritly tells you what to do to make it work again, recalculate whereas "out of date" does not give me a suggestion on how to fix the situation.

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Good point, that is much clearer. I'll change it for the next release.

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Thank you. There was also a funny message visible as I went from classic interface to selection interface. I have attached a screenshot. It happened the first time I switched to that interface, but not anymore thereafter.

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That looks like a list of Lua variable names and values from whatever script you were last running.

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haha, sorry, I recognise what Ebola Rebuild writes in note for segment 1 in order to be able to run with same options next time.

Just click 1 in selection interface in order to hide this (you might also delete note for segment 1).

So this is not a bug of the devprev.

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Small bug: when loading a save from myself as a guide, the undo graph got cleared.

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@Bruno, I would still call it a bug because I did not run ebolarebuild and I also did not know what this text was about. It should never be shown over the command icons. I understand what you are saying, it is the content of the note field for residu 1. Still, it should not display like this. Thank you for clarifying.

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Indeed, I agree than in general, commands should never be hided by anything else that cannot be moved. I think there are other examples like this.

Another similar problem I face: in the view menu, with a small screen, it's impossible to click on above options, neither to navigate in order to see them. There should be some windows moving options or similar generic tool that allows us to move different windows in order to be able to access what we need (basically: commands !)


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