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Which end of the cloud is the first residue? I ask because on the first puzzle I assumed the orientation of the line and the closest point on the cloud was the beginning point. However, when I loaded 1045 in puzzle 1049 and used the "centering" tool and it flipped. So I did a restart and used the "centering tool and it also flipped the line. It aligning the center of the line to the center of the puzzle which still does not tell me the beginning point because the middle of the puzzle could be going in any direction.

I just need to know the starting point but how does the "centering" tool work?

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The centering tool often flips the protein 180 degrees from where it belongs. It will get the protein to overlap the cloud if it has been moved off it, but don't count on it to pick a good direction.

Look at the sidechains on the helices of the cloud. Most sidechains on helices lean toward the lower numbered end of the helix (the end closer to the first segment).

Keep in mind that on these puzzles both ends of the cloud have a few extra segments that are not found in the protein. Try fitting the largest hydrophobes into the largest sidechains of the cloud to get them aligned.


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