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1045: VipB Cryo-EM Density: Ghost Density
Status: Closed


201guygeva2311 82 1799  4,3121
202Primalsoul 79 211 Gargleblasters4,3021
203tck1988ca 82 1799  4,2991
204Talias 82 1799  4,2971
205NGanes 82 1799  4,2921
206bgiesy 82 1799  4,2871
207AryehK 82 1799  4,2641
208Paltiel 82 1799  4,2601
209perrya 82 1799  4,2581
210CaliberDied 82 1799  4,2441
211Ronin-Sensei 82 1799  4,2091
212mannre 82 1799 CHE 476 Advanced Biochemistry Laboratory University of Mount Union4,1371
213zaq1202 82 1799  4,0321
214roman madala 82 501  4,0291
215akii 82 1799  4,0231
216ktyk 82 1799  3,9931
217davidjakubec 82 1799  3,8731
218Otpk 82 1799  3,8351
219basakd 82 1799  3,7681
220EffJay 82 1799  3,6841
221guineapig 82 54  3,5731
222MadTrumpeter 82 1799  3,5541
223KarenCH 82 1799 Anthropic Dreams3,3861
224sushi810 82 1799  3,2061
225bataebi 82 1799  3,1111

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without the density score the

without the density score the scripts are distorting the shape, for example the scorpion tail is getting pulled into the rest of the fold.

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Hint: ED has more residues than given

The chain you can see in the electron density is longer than the given chain of amino acids. If you directly start to fit one end of the chain into the density, the residues won't fit properly.
It looks like that there are about 5-6 residues missing after residue 114 (C-terminus) and about 4 residues missing before the first residue (N-terminus).

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Thanks Batz I think I saved the first one I did...

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residu 114 cannot be changed from loop

There is also something odd about residu 114. It cannot be changed. It will remain a loop. Residu 1 does not have this limitation. Is this intentional or an artifact ?

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Not a fan

Sorry, but I really dislike ED puzzles, and this one is no exception. There is always too much clutter. If it were possible to toggle sidechains on/off on the cloud it would probably be easier. This cloud is better than most of the previous EDs, but I might do as well or better working it as a denovo.

I know that seeing the sidechains can occasionally give extra clues, but when trying to determine the SS/backbone, they're more a hindrance than help.

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