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May be helpful to document the powers available to foldit IRC Ops and the general rules around kicks, bans etc as used in foldit, including the ban types and duration.
Note this is mechanical not contextual, not questioning the Authority just documenting the process.

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Also useful to understand how this works in a groups situation, if an op decides to ban an IP does that follow thru to the group?

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If I remember ban lasts for 24hrs, kicked user can join back instantly.
Mostly ban hit per user name, but sometimes some class/school start spam, then IP ban is done.

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Bans and kicks are chatroom specific - they do not carry over from global to team rooms. Team admins (as listed on the foldit site) have the ability to kick or ban a member from their team room. A ban placed by a chat op lasts until the op removes it, which we generally do in roughly 24 hours. People who are kicked or banned from chat can continue to play the game, just not chat.

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The ops who have jumped in have covered a lot of the technicals here but also with regards to "general rules around kicks"... those are the community guidelines, covered here:

As always, if anyone has concerns with any general moderation going on that is not team room related, feel free to send me a message!

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Answered in thread.


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