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Desnouck Maarten made an automatic chart displaying the results of the moving top 15 players here:

-How much are you behind the first ranked player?

You can see your evolution related to the current top player. Unfortunately, it's limited to the top 154 players. I don't know how to extend it to all players.

See all the links on his homepage.

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oops top 15 players


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Welcome to Desnouck's giant score archive

He also added the score history and charts for top 15 soloists, evolvers and groups for each puzzle category since 2014-2015.

See them all from here

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50 have been

50 players have been in the top 15 so far, from 2014 till now

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This is a neat resource,

This is a neat resource, thanks!

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Weekly update from 2020

MaartenDesnouck"s series end in 2017. From now on, it will be updated every week here:

Soloists chart

Evolvers chart

Group chart

For access to the raw data, please send me a PM.

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Thanks for reviving the charts!

Congratulations on taking the #1 evo slot!

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Chart Design

What is shown on the vertical axis of each chart?
Can you add a label to this axis, like
"Global Score".

With so many similar colors and crossing curves,
it is hard to tell the different curves apart.
Can you mix in some symbols, dotted lines, and
dashed lines as well?


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Thanks for the comments. I implemented them.

It's a weekly update for clarity of the charts. May be I shoud update the basic data every day for the record ? (still publishing a weekly graph) ?

Missing data: if you have any historical data 2017-2019 for some of the top 15 players or groups, please send them to me.

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Recent times rankings

Here is a group ranking with only recent times (starting end 2019)

Here is a soloist ranking starting early 2020.

Here is a evolver ranking starting early 2020.

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With the many new players on the board

Missing players are posssible. PLease inform me if there are missing players in the top 15: I've to add new top players manually in the graphic.


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