How can I play an expired puzzle on a new machine ?

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I like to experiment with puzzle 976, abeta binder on a new PC. I never played it there so I do not have a history on it. I tried copying the files for the puzzle to the new machine, but the puzzle does not show up in the puzzle list, not even if I check 'show expired puzzles'.

How can I play that puzzle on other machines ?

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On my PC, in a new client folder, it does show for me in the puzzle list when I check 'show expired puzzles' and enter 976 in the search box. I don't know what to tell you to correct that.

But once you have that 976 open, close it again and copy/paste the folder '0000998406' under 'puzzles' on your old client/PC to the new PC under 'puzzles' again. That correctly transfers all the tracks to the new installation.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Bertro, thank you for the sugegstion. That is what I did but the puzzle does not appear in the new machine.

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You also need all the (or other number) files that are in the root foldit directory. There may be many of these files (some define the puzzle, some define the filters, some define other special rules for the client). Even this might not work.

Only way I know that's guaranteed to do it is to copy the entire foldit folder.

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I managed to do that with an old puzzle by just copying the .ir_puzzle* files and starting a fresh client. I dont think you need to copy the files in the puzzle directory unless you want to look at previous solutions.

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There will be a good way of doing this when we roll out the new IRC server. There will be a link on each puzzle's page that allows you to download it to your client, just like recipes.

(Disclaimer on this: we don't officially support old puzzles, but if the puzzle was somewhat recent, your client shouldn't have any trouble loading it. Some really old puzzles may not load properly.)

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Thank you everyone !


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