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I often run foldit clients from a controlling PC over a network connection. In those cases, all fading effects take a lot of time and bandwidth because the entire screen needs to be coded and transmitted over a network, especially if that is a mobile network.

Could you please implement a checkbox that turns off fading effects ?

Much appreciated !

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Are the View options "Fade GUI" and "Hide GUI" disabled when using a controlling PC?

I didn't the like the fade effects when I first started and have run with them unchecked since I started playing.

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They have always been disabled, I am referring to the 'normal' operation when performing tasks like switching tracks, choosing options from the menu, showing results window, loading and saving stuff etc.

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The ability to turn of anything non-essential which saves data transfer usage costs is a good thing imo.

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It is indeed spmm, that is why I run all clients minimized on long-runs, but I also need to edit things every now and then. That is when the fading becomes a nuisance. Opening a dialog, track, saving, loading all fade the screen or a window. All that fading is then transmitted and takes time (and bandwidth). It is that fading that I try to avoid.


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