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Opened by:mimi
Opened on:Thursday, December 11, 2014 - 15:44
Last modified:Friday, December 19, 2014 - 20:44

Although I can't say exactly when it started, I have noticed recently that the MOVE tool seems to have become much more difficult to use.

The problems that I have been haveing include:

When I cut a piece of a protein and then try to move it, the whole of the protein still moves despite the cuts being made and "Enable Cut Bands" being off

When I move a piece and then release it the Move Tool disappears

when I move a piece and then rotate the view to get a different perspective on the piece, the Move Tool disappears

When I highlight the Move Tool and then right click on it to use it, the Choice Wheel appears

That's the things I can remember.
None of them happen all the time.

Anybody else experiencing this type of behaviour?

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make that left click on the last item above

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Have you tried it in the selection interface? It seems to work ok there - the main issue being that it is buried and difficult to get at if you have cuts and want to move the whole thing.

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Thanks for the feedback Mimi, are you seeing this behavior on all puzzles or are there some on which it has been particularly worse?

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I've been aware of it happening for a while but it is only really noticeable when you are doing design puzzles

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In light of the slowness of 1027, maybe try disabling slow filters? Can't do much in 1027 with filters on.


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