Dialog boxes that allow mouse-free input

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Sometimes when playing Foldit, my hands and wrists get sore from over-using the mouse and repeatedly switching back and forth between it and the keyboard. Is it possible to have dialog boxes that would allow mouse-free input? For example, the up/down arrow keys could move from one slider/textbox/checkbox/button to the next, and the selected slider/textbox/checkbox/button would get highlighted somehow. Also, the left and right arrow keys could move a selected slider to the left or right (hold an arrow key down to do a coarse move, or press/release an arrow key to do the finest possible moves), enter could push a selected button or check/un-check a selected checkbox, and a selected textbox would be the only one with a flashing cursor and would accept keyboard input like normal.

I'm not suggesting eliminating the mouse-driven input. I would just like to have an alternative to it.


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overuse injury - you would still be using the keyboard even if these changes were implemented

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I like this suggestion as it is hard to get a precieze number when the scale allow for for instance 100 different ones.

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i agree with Timo about the sliders it is tiresome to get exactly the numeric value you require using a slider and a mouse. The left right arrow keys do provide a change in value but this is not consistent, or is equally tiresome if the increment or decrement is very small.

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One idea is for more Recipe writers to put a button or checkbox in their dialog boxes to switch between sliders and textboxes. I do like the ease of coding sliders; for example, they are good at limiting the user input to reasonable ranges.


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