Cannot update, again

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My school apparently blocks Fold It, in some way, shape, or form.
I cannot download updates, recipes, nor participate in IRC chat from school.

I've tried contacting IT, and they have tried checking port forwarding and a bunch of other things. For whatever reason, after about a month or two, I was able to download the last update, and it's been working up until this newest big update.
Is there any way to get a new, updated executable any time soon?

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The update bar either does not finish "binary" or does finish "binary" (turns purple) and then stops working, eventually throwing an error: "Failure when receiving data from the peer: Error contacting peer server."

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My, this is embarrassing... I figured I would login and play some old puzzles, but apparently updating the .bin file was all that is needed to work the new puzzles. The Resources and other updated items are skipped, but that must not mean anything.

Request still stands, though. Can we get a new, updated executable installer some time in the next couple months?

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Same problem, new symptom:
Whenever I try to load shared solutions from my teammates, I get "Unknown residue type 'ALA:NtermProteinFull'".
I'm fairly sure that this is because I cannot update properly.
I've already enlisted IT to look into this problem, but they are keeping it low on their priority list, given that they have more pressing issues.
Any news on either a new executable or what could be causing this?

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I got a similar message trying to load onto a non-updated client a solution made on an updated client:

Unknown residue type 'PRO:NtermProteinFull'.

See for more details.

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The older clients are not forwards-compatible. If you're having trouble updating, it makes sense that you will see this behavior.

Have you tried updating on a different connection? I don't know anything about your network configuration, but that sounds like it's the problem here.


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