change positon of cursor when handling single residues

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it can be really anoying, if you want to move/rotate/reorient a single residue (after cutting it out), but you cannot see the side chain because the purple cursor is directly in front of it...

is it possible to set the cursor slightly next to the selected side chain?

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Or better yet, show only the outline of the move tool.

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That's also nice, great idea.
I think in general, it would be useful to have tools to customize colors in Foldit, not just the color blind mode.

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You can change the color settings in Foldit by tweeking the file Foldit\theme.
But there is no documentation how to do that.

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... or even better, hiding the move tool anymore once we click on it

After all, the move tool is only useful to see where to click - once we move, it's better to have maximum visibility to see where we are going - like with driving a car).


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