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I would like to use FoldIt as the standalone version to solve my own protein structure problems. I've installed Rosetta and acquired the licenses. Now, I don't know how to run FoldIt as a standalone version. Any idea how to do it?

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standalone version

When you bring up the Foilit client you get to a page where you log in.
After you log in, you get a choice "play off line" or "play on line".
"play off line" is a standalone version.

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We're talking about this:

We're talking about this: http://tinyurl.com/academic-foldit

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Standalone version

Although there are scientist groups that use foldit for scientific purposes, the standalone is behind the crowdsourcing version in terms of features. Also, you have to compile rosetta, and it might only work on Linux. It looks like you've done that. However, somebody else recently tried to use the standalone version and gave up (I can't find the feedback but I know it's there). I think the standalone isn't well supported.

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Looking into it

I'm looking into the issue. :)


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