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When I try to run FoldIt (using Windows 7), all I get is the error message "The game has previously not started up correctly. If the problem persists, please install the latest version.". I've uninstalled and then reinstalled the program, multiple times, using the installer downloaded from the site. Every time, the first time I try to run FoldIt nothing happens, and the second time I get the error message. Could you please help?

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I have this message when I double-click on the Foldit icon 2 times (opening the program a second time wile the first opening is still incomplete), but it does not prevent from running good (I simply click ok, and it works).

My settings when opening are:
x Remember Password and
x Disable Network Timeouts

Same on Mac and Windows.

Hope it can help.

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Try to read the file log.txt in the Foldit directory to find out what is wrong.
Check if the Foldit directory is writable.
Do a fresh install in another directory if the problem persists, make sure that it is installed in a writeble place.

Hope this helps.


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