Do the remix lua command structure.RemixSelected() actually work ??

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I whrote a recipe (MicroRemix 1.0 that would automatically walk remix on the all protein.

The behaviour of the recipes copies the strategy explained here, using cuts:

It cuts, then structure.RemixSelected() then uncuts.

I thought that it was working because the recipe gained points. When building the recipe, I had the impression that remix was functionning on my test puzzle (I suppose it was a puzzle with Fragment Score Filter).

On a following version (MicroRemix 1.2, I added a log that verified if the remix command itself gained something or not, printing after some loops: "REMIX FAILED TO PROPOSE ANYTHING YET. Please consider stopping the script". The purpose was initially to verify if we were in presence of a puzzle with Fragment Score Filter or not.

After several months of trying this recipe, I abandoned using it because remix itself never gained anything within this recipe !

On several puzzles with Fragment Score Filter, I could remix manually, but the recipe never remixed anything.

So I wonder if the lua command structure.RemixSelected() is stil doing anything. Is this a bug? or is there an error in my recipe? Are there ideas that could help me to make the recipe remixing? Remixing by hand is quite heavy !

Thanks for your suggestions or verifications.

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May be I found an error in my recipe => closed untill after check

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I verified on puzzle 991. It seems the lua command does not remix anything anymore (even with a Fragment score filter of -700).

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Hi Bruno, sorry for the delayed response to this feedback.

The Remix tool is not guaranteed to find a solution. The Remix tool takes the endpoint coordinates of your selection, and looks at a database of native proteins for fragments that have similar endpoints. If a fragment is found with similar endpoint coordinates, then Foldit simply inserts the fragment. Sometimes no fragments in the database are found to have the same endpoint coordinates as your selection; in this case, the Remix tool does not make any changes.

If you are having trouble Remixing a selection, you should try to change the endpoint coordinates of your selection by Wiggling, Rebuilding, selecting additional residues, etc.

You can read more about the Remix tool in this blog post:

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Hi bkoep,

I still suspect there is something wrong when using it with cuts.

On design puzzle, I found a zone with a remix effect (zone selected with segment freezes).

This exploded the protein and I tried another technique explained on the site.

I cut the limits (unfreeze and cuts): the remix tool does not find anything. I tried various places to cut and i used my recipe: nothing.

Isn't it a bug?

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Now it works


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