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In the Create contest page, there is a duplicate Free Style Design 500 puzzle.
Another very big puzzle disappeared: the "CASP9 Target 611 residue protein" that is still in use for The Marathon of Foldit - New Chapter.

I would like to be able to create new variant of my Test your PC power contest in order to test computer settings with the new chapter scoring with such a monstrous puzzle.

BTW, may be adding some other different puzzle types, like Electron density, Predicted Contacts etc ?

Another idea (not sure it's a good idea): if we could freely pick an old puzzle that we liked and create a contest on it? This for the people with slower computer or who was in holliday during the release. They could compete with more time on "useful" puzzles like ebola etc? (I noticed that popular contests are named "fighting cancer" or "fitting HIV" etc).

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I don't think the scientists look at the results of Contests, so it is unclear how the "fighting cancer" or "fighting HIV" Contests will really do what their titles suggest.

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I've added our statement about this to our FAQ:


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