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I'm a producer working for the Seattle office of a Washington DC-based television news agency. I'm doing a story about the FoldIt Ebola games and will be filming with members of the Institute for Protein Design at UW early next week.

I would very much like to film with an individual FoldIt player who participated in the Ebola game ... or with a small group of players.

The filming would consist of a brief interview (3-5 minutes) and then filming the person (or people) playing on FoldIt. In all, the filming would take about an hour and could be done any daytime or evening, but preferably as soon as possible.

The report that I am producing will be offered to broadcasters and TV news agencies across the world ... so you would need to be OK with that.

If interested in taking part or finding out more please send me a message with your e-maul address.

Many thanks.


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