'Wiggle All' not giving same good results, result is better with 'Wiggle Local'

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I'm trying now to fold 988b and I noticed, that the 'Wiggle All' function gives no more points;
after i tried clicking on some loops with 'Wiggle local' I still get massive more additional points.

Is there any bug in the Wiggle All - function ?


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Hi WBarme1234,

This is absolutely normal behavior. Local wiggle on short segments is very good at fixing bad angles or bond lengths. You should turn on "show relative score coloring" and local wiggle red spots. Some scripts also do this, such as Precise Local Wiggle and any script called a walker. Global wiggle is inherently slower, and it can get hung up if there are some really bad kinks somewhere, or there are too many bonuses and penalties working against each other so it doesn't know what to do. But, after you've done local wiggle, you might find global wiggle giving more points again, because it's not hung up on those really bad spots.

However, I would like a dev to speak up on the differences between all the wiggles we have. For example, I've noticed that if I have a script (lua version 1) that is doing do_local_wiggle on a few segments and steadily gaining points, and then I cancel it and use the standard interface to do a local wiggle on the same segment, I get no points. We also know that the lua 1 (local and global) and lua 2 wiggles (selected and not selected) aren't exactly the same. And we know that wiggle changed when "FoldIt New Chapter", because walkers stopped working 2 years ago....and now they work great (on any wiggle power). And ideality score changes everything.

If a dev can give a definitive explanation on how *all* the different wiggles work and they are similar and different, we can throw it up on the wiki (or link to the forum post) for future reference.

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Indeed brow is correct and has some great questions. May I suggest that local wiggle used too early in the game can get you stuck into a very good position or just as often a bad one. Early points can be deceptive.


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