Points lost near end of puzzle

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I have noticed this before. It happened again yesterday with 986b.

Here is the current case-in-point. I was 89th with about 20 seconds left in the puzzle. When the puzzle closed I got credit for a lower score in 97th place. I shot a screen shot at about that 20sec remaining time point.

The fruits of my last-minute push are negated.

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I've been burned by this, too. Apparently FoldIt doesn't do photo finishes any more.

I have had this happen often enough that I try multiple ways to push my solution before the end of the puzzle, including saving and uploading for myself, uploading for my group, and exiting (it says "SAVE and exit") and reopening the client.

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It happened again today. I was only given credit for 48th place and 1044 points on 1025. But my screen shows me with 1054 points in 47th place. Feel just a little robbed.

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It's linked to the following long standing bug discussion:

When there was ever an internet disconnection, Foldit client remains unable to send credited scores to server, but you don't notice it because your screen is still showing your "credited" points (but if you look well, the scores of the other players do not rise => you have the impression to gain ranks even if it's not the case).

It's better to verify on the fold.it server: here, on the puzzle page only, you see the real credited scores.

Better to open a new client with a good internet connection (e.g. no WiFi) just before the end, and loading your solution "restore credited best" just before the end.

Note that Bletcheypark reported a similar bug without any solution here:

In all cases, the problem seems at the player's computer or network side.

We would like the Foldit clients being able to check the connection and reconnect automatically when connection was broken for whatever reason on our side.


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