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PuzzleRankScorePointsLast Played
1433: Medium Monomer Design183,060109/28/17
504: Flu Design Puzzle 4: Unfrozen!498,485101/23/12
440 (<15): CASP9 Refinement Puzzle 8B with constraints39,426007/24/11
Beginner Puzzle (<15): Klebsiella Pneumoniae148,565105/29/11
CASP8 T0469 Short 669,0671501/01/70
75: Antifreeze Protein389,360101/01/70
CASP8 T488 Start3-2289,926101/01/70
94: Mouse258,892101/01/70
95: Chicken289,464101/01/70
CASP8 T0469 Short 529,1407201/01/70
CASP8 T0469 Short 4159,067101/01/70
CASP8 T0469 Short 3199,026101/01/70
74: Platypus Venom198,409601/01/70
73: Polycystein309,215101/01/70
CASP8 T0488 Start 31810,011101/01/70
72: Glycolysis348,673101/01/70
96: Collagen208,810301/01/70
Zip Test56,390001/01/70
151 (<15): Design Challenge79,708001/01/70
213: Hold Me Tighter248,044101/01/70
211: Mini-CASP 6 - Multi-start2810,047101/01/70
192: Cover the Ligand267,510101/01/70
179: Mini-CASP 1a249,571101/01/70
U-Dubavin: Scaffold 1a5320001/01/70
176 (<15): Quest to the Native 9410,048001/01/70

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