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Why does my score keep changing when I'm not even playing?  Does it have to do with rank in the puzzle?

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Your score

Depends what you mean by your score. The score shown in the uppermost right corner is your current score, and will not change unless you are doing a wiggle, or otherwise moving the protein.

The score shown on the leaderboard is not as up to date. And so it sometimes takes 30-60 seconds to catch up to what you've seen go past for your score. 

Seems to update immediately after a wiggle operation though, and that's where your score tends to be the highest. But I've seen times where I might briefly see a higher score for a moment during a wiggle, only to have it eventually settle in a few points below that. The wiggle ends and the final score updates immediately, then later on I'll see my high score replaced with the one I saw only briefly during the wiggle.

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Sorry, I meant points

Sorry, I meant points, my bad.   Points as show in the puzzles link.

For puzzle #47 my point total was 3600 or so.  This morning it's 2300.  I didn't play the puzzle in between the change.

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Your points are based on

Your points are based on your rank in the puzzle. So even if you're not playing, other people may play and pass you in the ranks, which would lower your points.

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Delay and other weird stuff

I've noticed the delay, but I just noticed something stranger - at this moment, I'm at the top of the leader board for #49, but I never got better than the starting score. I was logged into the web site while playing the game, in case that matters.

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I have seen similar

I have seen similar behavior--I had the top score and was listed in 3rd or 4th place last night, tonight somebody had a score not even close to #1 and was listed as #1. Weird stuff.


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