The rundown on coronavirus

You don't have to be a scientist to do science! Download and play Foldit and you can help researchers discover new antiviral drugs that might stop coronavirus! The most promising solutions will be manufactured and tested at the University of Washington Institute for Protein Design in Seattle.

Foldit is run by academic research scientists. It is free to play and not-for-profit. To get started, download Foldit and create a username!

We recommend that new players start with the Foldit Intro Puzzles.
After some practice, move on to the Science Puzzles and try out the Beginner: Coronavirus puzzle.
We also have an advanced puzzle NEW advanced puzzle where you can try to design an antiviral protein from scratch!

To meet other players, check out the Foldit Discord channels.

Note: Foldit is an interactive computer game and not a distributed computing project. If you would like to donate idle CPU cycles to science, please check out the Rosetta@Home project on BOINC.

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A Reminder of the Community Rules

Hello all! Hope you are enjoying this fine Tuesday. I wanted to take a brief moment to remind everyone about the Foldit Community Rules. As part of the community, everyone is expected to adhere to these rules at all times, so it is important all are aware of what is expected. Here are the highlights:

  • Keep the conversation PG-rated, since there is a wide range of ages in the community. Anything deemed offensive or obscene will not be tolerated.
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Newsletter September 18: Coming Up Roses

Hey everyone! We've got a NEW newsletter for y'all! Be sure to take a look at September 18: Coming Up Roses for some awesome new solutions, artwork, design models, and much more!

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Developer Preview Release Soon

Hey everyone,

We're releasing a new update to the developer preview with some fixes and changes:

BUNS Filter:
* Only sidechains with BUNS will be automatically shown when the filter is enabled.
* Some symmetric puzzles may now penalize BUNS across every asymmetric unit.
* When enabled, the filter will show every bondable atom without enabling any HBonds. This is new behavior for the 'show bondable atoms' view option as well, as clicking it will show all bondable atoms regardless of what particular HBond types are visible.

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Newsletter September 11: Y'all Are Maaad Good at This Game

Hey everyone! Be sure to check out our latest Newsletter HERE! As Josh mentions in this newsletter, we here at Foldit are very, very grateful for all Foldit players. Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work!

Also, don't forget to sign up for the mailing list here to receive weekly updates about Foldit!

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Office Hour 9/11/20

Hey folks! Our next Office Hour will be occurring at noon PT this Friday, September 11th in #Vet. Time Zone Converter here. We see that many of you have had questions regarding BUNS, our most recent puzzles, and our latest blog post. Thank you for all your wonderful comments and questions. Fortunately, the Office Hour will be led by Foldit Developer and BUNS expert Neilpg628:

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Newsletter September 4: School's In Session!

Hey Foldit players! Be sure to check out this weeks' newsletter!
AND speaking of school being back in session, definitely take a look at our new Education Mode

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Newsletter August 28: Gargleblasters Take the Lead!

Hey folders! Missed the latest newsletter? Check it out in our newsletters forum here. This week, we want to give a shoutout to Gargleblasters for taking the lead and highlight a new recipe for hbond networks. We also took a closer look at the high scoring designs and the specific amino acids that were chosen! There are also plenty of helpful tips--whether you're just starting out or an expert folder, we have the info to help you improve your game.

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Foldit Lab Report #12: Coronavirus Spike Binder Results

We finally have some news to report about the initial set of coronavirus Spike binders designed by Foldit players! In this video, we also share exciting progress from the researchers at the Institute for Protein Design. Watch our latest lab report now.

- Foldit Education Mode is live!
- COVID Spike binder results
- More Spike binder news


- New binder design metrics are ssllooww
- Symmetric puzzles are back in the mix

- A sweet trimer with a buried edge created by grogar7. See for yourself in the Design of the Month sandbox puzzle.

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Experiment results for coronavirus binder designs

The experiment results are in for the Foldit coronavirus spike binders! This experiment tested whether 99 proteins designed by Foldit players could bind to the coronavirus spike protein, a potential strategy to block coronavirus infection.

Read more in the Foldit blog.

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