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Congratulations to Mummiebrain and Feet1st!

Congratulations to out top players on last week's puzzles 22 (mummiebrain, feet1st, hugothehermit, spvincent, and labraticmp3)  and 23 (feet1st, spvincent, zzaltz, hugothehermit, and labraticmp3). Of our  three new puzzles for this week, two are a new kind of puzzle in which you can see the optimal solution. The challenge is to use the tools to match this solution. We're hoping these puzzles will serve as a test of our tools, as well as help users understand what kind of structures really occur in real proteins. There will be considerable competition in these new puzzles as we have added a large set of computer science grad students to the pool of players. May the best folder win!

(Fri, 02/29/2008 - 22:40  |  0 comments)

2 New Puzzles

Congratulations to our top folders for Puzzle 20 (feet1st, zzaltz, labraticmp3, mummiebrain, and sean.kiely) and Puzzle 21 (ccarrico, feet1st, zzaltz, labraticmp3, and mummiebrain). We have two exciting new puzzles for you all, puzzles 22 and 23. Enjoy. Keep your eyes posted for a major software update tomorrow.

(Mon, 02/18/2008 - 04:50  |  0 comments)

New Visualization and Levels

We posted a software update today with a host of exciting new features.

  • First, we have included a new sketch rendering style which should make the protein easier to see and more fun to look at. Expect even bigger rendering changes soon!
  • Second, we have included a set of levels that should be easier to play than our typical folding competions. You will automatically get these updates the next time you start the program.

Please send us feedback on these developments on the message boards.

(Wed, 02/06/2008 - 03:13  |  0 comments)

Two New Puzzles

Congratulations to our amazing top folders on puzzle 18 (xavier, labraticmp3, Rosettamod, mummiebrain, and sean.kiely) and puzzle 19 (labraticmp3, Rosettamod, zzaltz, mummiebrain, and spvincent). Keep up the great work. We've got some develish new puzzles up for you (20 and 21). May the best folder win!

(Wed, 02/06/2008 - 02:51  |  0 comments)

Software Update - 2 New Puzzles

Dear Protein Puzzlers,

Another Monday brings new puzzles and software updates. Congratulations to our winners on puzzle 16 (Rosettamod, labraticmp3, mummiebrain, xavier, and zzaltz) and puzzle 17 (xavier, Rosettamod, hugothehermit, derwek, and Massakaparal). We have some new challenges for you in puzzles 18 and 19. Also, we have posted a software update that fixes several bugs (especially the save bug) and add more information about the current score and current tool.

Good luck on the new puzzles!

(Tue, 01/29/2008 - 06:25  |  0 comments)
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