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Recent crashes (and what you can do to help)

If Foldit has crashed for you, it would be very helpful for us if you could email us the log, so we can find out exactly what happened. You can find the log file:

  • on Windows XP at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Foldit\log.txt
  • on Windows Vista at C:\ProgramData\Foldit\log.txt
  • on a Mac, just search for foldit.crash.log and/or log.txt
  • on Linux, log.txt in your Foldit directory

Please email it to us at admin@fold.it.


(Tue, 11/25/2008 - 22:14  |  0 comments)

Phasing out old scores

Due to the slight changes to scoring that were posted with the latest update, as well as the fixing of the bug that allowed confusion of soloist and evolver scores, we will be phasing out old scores up to the point the update was released. This will take place over a period of about a month, so the transition will be relatively smooth.

We will also be cutting off global soloist and evolver scores 4 months into the past. That is, your scores will be the sum of you scores on the individual puzzles that have taken place in the last 4 months. Of course, you will only notice the effects of this about 4 months from now.

Due to these changes, your global soloist and evolver scores will no longer be a good measure of how much you have contributed to Foldit in the past if you no longer play so much. So we will be introducing another system to recognise the achievements of past masters, but for now I won't reveal the details.

Have fun folding,

(Mon, 11/24/2008 - 22:15  |  6 comments)

New Game Update!

The new update is posted! Here are a few more of the new features we've added:

New layout and colors: The layout of the GUI has been modified. For example, the score is now in the middle of the screen at the top, and there are easily accessible buttons for resetting the puzzle and going to the puzzle select screen. The colors of the protein have been changed some as well. A sidechain's color is now based on whether it is hydrophobic or not, and the backbone colors have been slightly adjusted.

In-game account creation: It is possible to create an account from within the game. So it's easier than ever to make an account and track your progress if you haven't already!

(Sun, 11/23/2008 - 00:05  |  5 comments)

Big Update Coming Soon!

We are going to post an update soon with a number of exciting changes to Foldit! We will be announcing the changes over the course of a few days in news posts, although the changes will all be in the update. Here are the first few:

Change to scoring: In order to improve actions like Wiggle and Rebuild, we have made a change to the way proteins are scored that may change the scores of some solutions. We have worked to make the change so that it should not affect the top scoring solutions, and should make it easier to improve the protein's score after doing things like Rebuild and Tweak.

New levels: We've added levels that make use of Tweak and Rebuild. The puzzle selection screen has been redone to make starting the game and getting into the levels quicker and easier, so check out the new ones even if you've played the existing levels!

Duels: We've featured the duels more prominently. They have their own category on the puzzle selection screen, and it's easier to duel your buddies or search for new players to duel! Your duel record is also displayed on your webpage. So if you haven't tried duels before, check out this exciting way to go one-on-one with other folders!

Issues visualization: We are trying out a new visualization that shows "issues" with the protein; things that are probably wrong that you can fix. Currently, these include clashes and exposed hydrophobics. You can access this visualization from the view options tab. Each issue will appear on the protein, clicking on one will give you options for learning more about it and how to fix it.

Secured group chat: We have secured group chats, so that only group members may join them. You can once again use the group chats to discuss strategies in complete confidence. This is part of a wider securing of our IRC network that we have been carrying out.

(Sat, 11/22/2008 - 01:14  |  0 comments)

Good Results for Baker Lab Investigation Puzzles

Some of you may remember a few weeks back, it was mentioned that the Baker Lab was looking into a new issue for Foldit players to work on. The puzzles that have been posted over the past few weeks have been related to this new issue, and we thought you might like to know that after analyzing some of the solutions you have come up with, we have seen some very good results. Over the next week, we plan to add some new intro puzzle levels and new tools to assist you in identifying and resolving the issues we are looking at. We're looking forward to seeing the solutions you make when we add these new tools to the game.

(Fri, 11/14/2008 - 23:23  |  5 comments)
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