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Note about playing offline

Please note that if you play offline and save a solution, then log in and load that solution, the game will consider it shared and it will only count towards your group score.  This is because the solution is technically shared with the "offline player".  We are looking in to ways to make playing offline work better with the new scoring system.

(Thu, 07/24/2008 - 23:44  |  0 comments)

New Update!

We have an update today with several changes to the game:

1. Individual and group scoring mode.  If you load a shared solution, you'll go
into group mode and it will affect your group score, but it won't affect your individual score.  We are planning on adding an "improvement" score for players who improve group solutions.

2. Note Mode.  You can add notes and mark parts of the protein that others
can see when they load your solution.  It can be used for communicating
between players.  We have several improvements for this under development
but want to get it out there for people to use.

3. Puzzle list refreshing from within the game.  There is a button to refresh
on the puzzle dialog, and a little popup will occur if the game notices a
puzzle added or removed while you are playing.

4. Screenshots.  You can take a screenshot of your protein and it will show up on your desktop.  We plan on adding some ways of sharing screenshots in the near future.

5. In tweak mode, you hold the mouse down to perform a tweak, and when you
release, the tweak will stop.

6. In addition, several bug fixes.

(Mon, 07/21/2008 - 23:02  |  0 comments)

Linux Version!

We are pleased to announce the release of a linux version of Foldit!  You can find a text download link for it near the other downloads.  We should have an image up shortly.

Let us know if you encounter any difficulty with the new version.

(Sat, 07/19/2008 - 02:44  |  4 comments)

T0499 Results

The percentages depicted below represent the % contribution to the final submitted solution to the puzzles.

T0499 Start 1

Upon pletsch's initial shared structure, the following players made these contributions to build their victorious structure.  Congratulations to all who worked hard for the win.

T0499 Start 2

Upon pletsch's initial shared structure, the following players made these contributions to build their victorious structure.  Congratulations to all who worked hard for the win.

(Fri, 07/18/2008 - 03:09  |  0 comments)

Update to Scoring and Ranking

Thanks to everyone for their feedback on ways to improve the current scoring system!  A lot of good ideas have been discussed.  In response, we are planning on rolling out two major changes that we hope will address the issues with the current system while not making things overly complex.

First, we will be separating the individual and group scoring.  If you are working on a solution that only you have worked on, both your score and your group's score will improve, as is currently the case.  However, if you are working on a solution that anyone else has worked on, only your group's score will improve.

Second, your global points, and therefore rank, will only be affected by recent puzzles, instead of every puzzle you have completed.  This will reduce the problem of "point inflation", and give newer players and groups the ability to rise in rank.

These changes should be ready to go by early next week.

(Thu, 07/17/2008 - 02:46  |  0 comments)
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