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Dear foldit community,

We are currently in the progressing of making several significant changes that should be implemented shortly.

1. Rebuild tool, which searches for the best phi/psi angles, as opposed to the lowest energy. This is very useful in conjunction with the rubber band.

2. Increased precision in the lock tool, users will be able to lock individual amino acids.

3. The home key will center the screen.

4. A new gui interface featuring a pi menu, to be used in  conjunction with the rebuild tool.


Foldit Team

(Fri, 06/06/2008 - 09:09  |  0 comments)

Rankings Now Enabled

We have re-enabled rankings for players and groups. Your rank has been retroactively computed over all puzzles during the ranking outage. Check out the top groups and players over all puzzles!

(Thu, 05/29/2008 - 20:35  |  0 comments)

NEW FEATURE: Group Sharing!

This update should automatically install the next time you run the program. To share your solutions with members of your group go to File>Open/Share Solutions from within the game. The human collaborative protein folding phase of Foldit has begun!

(Thu, 05/29/2008 - 19:53  |  0 comments)

Images of Recent Top Solutions

The solution by ferzle to 56: Lipid Binding.

The solution by MattSaffell to 57: Beta-Neurotoxin.

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(Thu, 05/29/2008 - 19:12  |  0 comments)

Winners for 56, 57, and CASP 3-3 Posted

Starting with puzzle 56: Lipid Binding the top groups were The Lone Folder, Hungary, Richard Dawkins Foundation, Gnome Sciences, GeeksByNature, and the top players were ferzle, fakocka, boca1, Starbug, Bearpaw. On the beginner version of this puzzle the top groups were Skeptics Guide to the Universe, Another Hour Another Point, Richard Dawkins Foundation, LAlliance Francophone, Team.Philou.Canaillou, and the top players were Mitochondrion, reed, jds, sirenbrian, Vorian. Turning now puzzle 57: Beta-Neurotoxin, the top groups were Richard Dawkins Foundation, Another Hour Another Point, Teamliquid.net, The Lone Folder, BOINC@Poland. and the top players were MattSaffell, MeinGeist, champuli1, lmaonnaise, ferzle. For the beginner version, the top groups were Another Hour Another Point, Richard Dawkins Foundation, UnScientists, Team Finland, Hungary. and the top players were fugofish, sirenbrian, jaimmy, dsiem, Roro. We now look at the latest installment of our CASP, practice puzzles, CASP Practice 3-3: Human Fyn 2. The top groups were Team China, The Lone Folder, Hungary, Another Hour Another Point, LAlliance Francophone. and the top players were Glurp, fwjmath, Guyoni, Achant, ferzle.

Congratulations to all the winners!

We have posted two new puzzles 58: Insulin Mutant (beginner version) and 59: TCR Binding Protein (beginner version). Good luck!

(Thu, 05/29/2008 - 07:48  |  0 comments)
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