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Hello Folders!

Based on your feedback, we have decided to create Foldit t-shirts. We will be selling these at manufacturing price (no profit to us) once we have settled on a few good designs (the details have not yet been worked out). To find the best design, we invite you to submit your designs and to vote on existing designs.

Please post all your submissions in this thread (posts that are not submissions will be moved to another forum topic), and please post only one design per post. Submissions should be in a lossless format (PNG/GIF) with their greatest dimension at least 2000px.

To give you a base to work from, if you so choose, here is a high-resolution version of the Foldit logo:


When you upload images, you can use the new image add button below the text field.

Please post only thumbnails, so visitors won't have to load the whole image just to see candidates. Also note that you can't insert images in rich-text mode, so if you have enabled rich-text, you must disable it temporarily when you insert the image.

Don't forget to vote on the images! Your votes determine the T-shirt designs we will choose.

(Wed, 04/08/2009 - 20:52  |  18 comments)

A new game update is posted!

We've just posted a new update to the game!  This has many new and exciting features.

The main new feature is recipes.  Recipes enable you to create your own actions from a set of basic actions (ingredients) that you are already familiar with, such as shake and wiggle. They could be shortcuts of your preferred action sequences. Moreover, they also open new ways of folding that you could not imagine before. We hope recipes will make your folding more efficient and more fun. All the recipes are managed in the cookbook, where all magic happens. You can find the cookbook on the left side of the game view.  So, go ahead and enjoy the cooking! Show us your fantastic cookbook!

This update also includes copying from the guide in all hands puzzles.  You can mix and match the best parts from various proteins to find new solutions!  You can access copy from guide in the right/shift click pie menu.

Changes have been made to the protein's geometry that should improve the game's speed.

You can bring up information about a residue by mousing over it and pressing the "end" key.

There are now options to show all hydrogen bonds based on what they are connected to.  Their width is connected to their contribution to your score.  Disufide bonds are also shown.

There is a button for disabling or enabling all bands, and rubber bands have sound effects.

The bug where you would get an error message when uploading an edited solution should be fixed.

Thanks again to all the folders and everyone who helped out with the developer preview!

(Mon, 04/06/2009 - 21:52  |  1 comment)

Another Developer Preview update

Another update to the developer preview has been posted.  This update adds steps like restore best and reset puzzle to recipes, and should address most of the bugs reported.

(Sun, 04/05/2009 - 03:44  |  1 comment)

Update to developer preview

We are working on the feedback that was posted about recipes.  Now, we've posted an update to the developer preview that allows parts of the guide to be copied over onto the protein that you are working on in the All Hands phase.  Hopefully this will allow you to combine proteins in new ways!  As usual, please log any errors or suggestions in the feedback tracker.

(Sat, 04/04/2009 - 00:43  |  1 comment)

Developer Preview: Recipes

A new developer preview is available for you to check out our upcoming features. The main new feature to test out is "recipes", which will allow you to automate the things you do.

You can find out how to try it out by reading the FAQ.  A change-log is available (in the resources directory).  Keep in mind that there may be unresolved bugs and crashes in the developer preview! Use it at your own risk.  Please report problems in the feedback tracker under developer preview.

(Sat, 03/28/2009 - 23:17  |  8 comments)
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