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Winners for Puzzle 55 and the Second Set of CASP Practice Puzzles

Congraulations to the winners of 55: Scorpion Toxin. The top groups were There Will Be Cake, RDFRS, Window Group, The Lone Folder, Hungary, and the top players were Diderot, dejerpha, agryson, N1Ls, Guyoni. In the beginner version, of this puzzle, the top groups were RDFRS, Something Awful, Minions of TWIS, Ubuntu, Another Hour Another Point, and the top players were Achant, TodayIsTomorrow, randomness, dav_id, Ignacio. Turning now to the CASP practice puzzles, for 1-2, the top groups were Another Hour Another Point, RDFRS, Something Awful, xkcd, Rule Britannia, and the top players were sirenbrian, Ignacio, dejerpha, Pof, randomness. For 2-2, the top groups were Another Hour Another Point, Minions of TWIS, UnScientists, Street Smarts, RDFRS, and the top players were champuli1, sirenbrian, gldisater, Ardeck, CalebEdison. For 3-2, the top groups were Teamliquid.net, Another Hour Another Point, Hungary, Gnome Sciences, UnScientists, and the top players were Guyoni, lalush, sirenbrian, jjsmb, daniweb. For 4-2, the top groups were RDFRS, UnScientists, LAlliance Francophone, The Lone Folder, Something Awful, and the top players were weitzen, anjen, Grommen, MeinGeist, CalebEdison.

A team of biochemists and computer scientists have been looking closely at your results on the CASP practice puzzles, and they are very encouraging. To calibrate our data better, we are posting CASP Practice 3-3: Human Fyn 2. It's very difficult. Good luck!

(Sat, 05/24/2008 - 07:00  |  0 comments)

Results for Puzzles 52-54 and the First Four CASP Practice Puzzles.

Congratulations to RDFRS, the top group of puzzle 52, and to rafkin, the top player. For the beginner version, the top group was RDFRS and the top player was odmonk. We also salute There Will Be Cake, the top group for puzzle 53, and to Primalmoon, the top player. In the beginner version, the top group was Minions of TWIS and the top player was gldisater. For puzzle 54, the top group and player were Gnome Sciences and Rusty, respectively, while for the beginner version, these were Mac Users and Noqa, respectively.

We were amazed by the scores you got on the four CASP practice puzzles (1-1, 2-1, 3-1, and 4-1). The top groups were There Will Be Cake, which won two of the four, L'Alliance Francophone and Teamliquid.net. The top players were anjen, Mike_AitkenDeakin, Bolby, and Zalrosee.

We have posted Puzzle 56: Lipid Binding and its beginner version.

(Wed, 05/21/2008 - 05:20  |  0 comments)

Game update

We have another update that you should get automatically when you run the game; and it should be posted for everyone by tomorrow.  It includes:

Multiple chat channels: chat with everyone, with the people in your current puzzle, or with your group!

In game news: the news postings will show up in the game, so you can be up to date on what's happening with foldit.

Hotkeys: Restore best is now bound to Ctrl/Cmd+B.  We're planning on adding more soon!

Protein selection fix: for people who were having problems selecting parts of the protein with the mouse, this update should address that.

(Tue, 05/20/2008 - 07:48  |  0 comments)

Ranks Currently Disabled

You've probably noticed recently that you're not getting assigned a rank in any of the competition puzzles. Ranking has been turned off for a little while while we work on some server optimizations, but it's our top priority to get that fixed. Note that your scores are still being reported and you'll be properly ranked soon enough.

(Tue, 05/20/2008 - 01:16  |  0 comments)

Small Game Update

We have posted a small update tonight to address some user requests. Included are a lock/unlock all button, and the ability to resize the chat window. You should get the update automatically the next time you start the game.

(Thu, 05/15/2008 - 07:46  |  0 comments)
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