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Big Announcements for the New Year

Hey folders! The Foldit team is happy to announce an awesome update for you!

Early next year, we will be rolling out a brand new website! This website will have loads of new features that we hope will help players share ideas with each other and help our scientists share more cool science updates with you! Additionally, this change will come with a big clean-up from some of our old systems, which will make development much smoother moving forward and take care of a few bugs which have been sitting around for years. In particular:

When the new website is rolled out, we will remove support for GUI and Lua V1 recipes.

This means that you will no longer be able to write or run GUI and Lua V1 recipes. In preparation for this change, we ask that you convert your recipes into Lua V2 recipes so that they will not be lost in the transition. For V1 to V2 conversions, Foldit player Rav3n_pl has made a converter script, available for Windows users here. For GUI to V2 conversions, we encourage you to ask questions in the #recipes channel of the official Foldit Discord. As we begin this transition, more conversion resources may become available, so following the #recipes channel will be the best way to stay up-to-date. These resources will also be posted to the Foldit Wiki, and we encourage you to use our wiki for all documentation. If you need additional help converting a recipe, please contact us directly at mail.fold.it@gmail.com with a link to the recipe you'd like converted. It may take us some time, but we will make sure that we get you a Lua V2 version of the recipe.

Why are we getting rid of these systems? Supporting GUI and Lua V1 has always been tricky for us ever since Lua V2 came out. By switching to only one system, we will be able to make new Lua functions and other game features much more quickly, as well as better prevent and eliminate recipe-related bugs. This switch also allows us to roll out the new website much quicker if we only need to support one recipe system.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we work on creating new features for you to enjoy. Your contributions to scientific research are very much appreciated, and we look forward to sharing new science updates soon.

As always, happy folding.

(Mon, 11/23/2020 - 17:24  |  4 comments)

New Release!

Hey everyone,

We've just released an update with the following fixes:

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed a crash on puzzle load caused by the ContactMS metric.
* Fixed an issue with the DDG metric score behaving oddly in proteins with cutpoints.

Thanks to our devprev players for helping test this release!

(Sat, 11/21/2020 - 01:37  |  0 comments)

Office Hour 11/21/20

Hey everyone! We will be having an Office Hour this Saturday, 11/21 at 10 AM PT (Time Zone Converter.) We're hoping that this is early enough for some of you folks over in the Eastern hemisphere to be able to join! It will be led by neilpg628 who has a great amount of knowledge regarding Foldit and would be happy to answer questions specifically related to Designable Linker Puzzles. Also, feel free to check out Neilpg628's blog post on Coronavirus DLPs. Hope to see you there!

(Thu, 11/19/2020 - 16:06  |  0 comments)

Developer Preview Release Soon

Hey everyone,

We're about to release an update to the developer preview with the following fixes:

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a crash on puzzle load caused by the ContactMS metric.

(Thu, 11/19/2020 - 03:55  |  3 comments)

Newsletter November 13: Huge Update Coming Soon!

In case you missed it, you can check out our latest newsletter here! In it, you'll find many new, exciting Foldit updates and a list of new features! If you haven't already, please subscribe to our newsletter.

(Wed, 11/18/2020 - 03:52  |  1 comment)
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