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Recipe: Find Starting Filter 1.4.3
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Name: Find Starting Filter 1.4.3
ID: 102113
Created on: Sat, 07/30/2016 - 07:15
Updated on: Sat, 11/05/2016 - 12:53

--Find Starting Filter Remix --Loop Remix (and rebuild if no remix available) and idealize, only trying to rise the filter bonus, regardless of score (optional)

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Joined: 09/24/2012
Groups: Go Science
Find Starting Filter

This recipe concentrates on rising the filter bonus (only or optionally in combination with score).

In this version, it's designed to work on loops only, the focus being on avoiding non-ideal loops penalty, thanks to caglar's tips.

I never succeeded to find the best bonus with this draft recipe, but it could solve some of them. It seems that some magical hand fold (that I didn't find) is still needed.

-identify loops
-from big length to small length (9 to 3):
-remix (or rebuild if length <4)
-take the x best ones(criteria = filter bonus, optionally other score criteria)
-shake, wiggle
-if it doesn't work, try mutating the all loop to ALA and start again
-if it doesn't work, try idealizing

Joined: 09/24/2012
Groups: Go Science

Skip ideal loops (it works only on Foldit recognized loops => first do "auto structure" if you want to see them)
implementing susume's idea

Joined: 09/24/2012
Groups: Go Science

The default settings are "Priority to filter".

When you stop the recipe, it will show you the solution with the best filter - PROBABLY WITH A LOW SCORE. Don't worry, your best achieved score is however credited.

You can recover it by restoring "Best credited" (but here, your filter bonus could be low).

If you want to compare the different solutions (best score, best filter, best compromise), type several Undos and select what you prefer.

On early game, a good advise is to select the best filter (NOT the best score) and try to fix it with shake, quickfix, or LWS recipes and forget the (temporary) "best scoring" solution. This strategy pays at the end.

Joined: 09/24/2012
Groups: Go Science

-- v1.4.2 if (SkipIdealLoops and Priority==2): mutate loop just after the first try (not waiting the second generation)
-- v1.4.3 better shake to evaluate each remix

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