Black Belt Folding - LIVE at Life Sciences Research Weekend in Seattle

Next Saturday, November 2nd, Foldit will be at Life Sciences Research Weekend here in Seattle. During the event we will be hosting six back-to-back Black Belt Folding sessions, LIVE! These sessions feature gameplay demos and a Q&A session, so get your questions ready.

The Black Belt Folding broadcast will begin on Saturday at 18:00 GMT (edit: check your local time here - thanks spmm for the link!). Each session will last from 30 minutes to 1 hour and feature a panel of legendary folders, all with unique perspectives and strategies. There are 7 different teams and a soloist player participating - this is a historic collaboration! These sessions feature gameplay demos and a Q&A session, so get your questions ready.

Session One - DeNovo - How do I start? What do I look for?
Session Two - Denovo without use of cutpoints
Session Three - Stabilizing in low CI and normal CI without cutpoints
Session Four - Denovo using cutpoints
Session Five - Stabilizing in low CI and normal CI with cutpoints
Session Six - “The Ideal Design Paper”

This will be a late night for European time zones, but we are hoping the hour will be more inclusive for our Australian and Kiwi folders who rarely have the occasion to join our live activities given the time difference to Seattle. These sessions will provide many hours of education and engagement over the upcoming holiday season, as they will be uploaded to YouTube when completed.

We'll post a link to the Broadcast that morning. Be sure to join us for discussion in global chat during the event, and swing on over to the Pacific Science Center if you’re in the area! We would love to see you there!

Did you miss the last Black Belt Folding Session on electron density? Check it out the video on YouTube.

Background reading:
Principles for designing ideal protein structures

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This event will be revolutionary!

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Sounds great, thanks for thinking of us, 5am start is fine (groan)with plenty of coffee, hot toast and vegemite:

Check your local time:D

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