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A few months ago we were invited to present at a Vancouver TED Salon Event in Vancouver as a part of the TED Talent Search. At this point they are collecting the feedback from the public on which talks are most worthy for next year's TED conference. Although the talk didn't have the best delivery (I drove to Vancouver very late the night before) it tries to convey in 7 minutes the amazing success of the collective intelligence of Foldit and tries to paint the picture of how we can revolutionize education and solve other hard problems with the same approach. Please vote with you comments below the video (link below) to increase our chance of a full 20 min TED talk. If we succeed, my hope is to have a big group of you at the conference and try to paint a full picture of everything that Foldit stands for. Here's the link:


Dear TED Talent Search Speakers,

Your talks have been live now for a little over a month and since then, there have been nearly 1,000,000 views, 6,000 comments, and 11,000 ratings! While your videos will remain online throughout the Fall, comments and ratings for TED2013 consideration must be made by August 31. Please make sure to let all of your friends and family know in order to secure their voices in the process.

Very best,

Kelly Stoetzel
TED Content Director

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