Developer Preview: Electron Density Puzzles

We've just released an exciting new feature in the developer preview: Electron Density Puzzles!

The idea with these puzzles is that we often have some experimental data for a protein, but that data isn't good enough for us to be able to determine the structure of the protein using computational methods.

So instead, we're giving it to you to help guide your folding. In these puzzles, the experimental data takes the form of a transparent surface. Fitting the protein into this surface means your protein agrees with the experimental data.

We've also given you some options for how to display the data. You can adjust the color, how transparent it is, how it is textured, and most importantly, the threshold. The threshold determines what level of density is being displayed. If your threshold is high, the surface being displayed is very likely to be correct, while if it is low, then it only provides a rough estimate.

You can access these options by going to [Actions]>[Electron Density]

We'd love your feedback on this, and we hope you have fun with these puzzles.

You can read more about electron densities at

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Puzzle 438 with Electron Density

Update client will not run for more than a few minutes on Macintosh. I've crashed three times in the last ten minutes. Seems like an interesting approach.

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