Protein Folding Holiday Presents

Hey intrepid protein folders! Congratulation to our top players on Puzzle 7 (archettes, nhertz, btavshanjian, andrewirwin, and sean.kiely), Puzzle 8 (ferzle, ccarrico, sslickerson, dimaio, and Rusty), and Puzzle 9 (ferzle, mummiebrain, Rusty, dimaio, and sean.kiely).

We've got a bunch of great new stuff for you:

  • 2 New Puzzles. For your holiday enjoyment. They will expire next Friday the 28th.
  • Software Update. Our new animation system should make the game much smoother. (This will install automatically.)
  • Invitation System. Invite your friends to play Fold It! by clicking on the link on the left. (Please remind your friends that this is an early beta testing period for the game.)
  • New Video. It explains how to play and gives some strategies. Check it out!

Keep the protein competition, bug reports, and suggestions coming. Happy holidays!

(Thu, 12/20/2007 - 06:22  |  0 comments)
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