Foldit at RosettaCON

Foldit will have a continued presence at RosettaCON next week. RosettaCON is an "annual conference […] where Rosetta Commons member laboratories share the latest experimental and computational research breakthroughs in protein and macromolecular engineering and structure prediction." [source]

Four admin team members, bkoep, jflat, scooper, and rmoretti, will be there representing Foldit. Bkoep will be presenting a poster and scooper will be giving a talk on Foldit that includes protein and small molecule design work, density, work on the touch interface, and the standalone. If the talk or any other materials from the conference become available to the public, I will surely post it here for all to see.

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Hot tub

If I recall a tale from beta_helix, the idea for turning Rosetta into a game was hatched during a somewhat inebriated conversation in the hot tub at RosettaCON.

What is the topic of bkoep's poster?

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A likely story

I can't confirm that specific tale (it would have been before my time), but at most scientific conferences—RosettaCON included—the evenings abound with inebriated speculation and half-baked ideas. Though such talk rarely leads to anything of value...

My poster will be specifically about de novo protein design by Foldit players and its evolution over the past several years.

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