New Release!

Hey everyone,

We've just pushed an update with a new type of puzzle. Notes below!

* New puzzle type: Sketchbook Puzzles (name pending). These puzzles are intended to focus your folding on the early-game. Upon starting or resetting the puzzle, you'll get a budget of some number of moves. Your current fold is completed when you run out of moves. Then it's time to move on and try something else!

(Tue, 08/01/2017 - 18:55  |  4 comments)
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250 Moves?

I don't know if anyone happened to playtest this puzzle style before releasing it, but for an "early game" focused puzzle type, 250 moves is more than generous! Folded up an 8.5k conformation that just needed refining after in probably less than 25 moves really. A lot of those moves were squandered on trying to get the dang beta sheets to stick properly with the awkward controls though. I was left with about 200-ish moves to use at my leisure; one fast relax script takes about 10 moves and I think ZLB's cost about 5 since bands don't cost anything? Either way, lots of wiggle room before resetting, pun intended.

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The threshold is something we will have to experiment to get the right value.

We derived this value by looking at move-counts in previous similar puzzles, and seeing what percentage of top solutions a given threshold would affect. The 250 limit should affect the majority of top-solutions, but again, we're watching the data from this puzzle and will make adjustments accordingly.

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Intended behavior?

Have been running the July 5 main update and noticed that I could only see puzzle 1411 after the latest main update, which is the reason for the question.

Q1: Noticing that un-updated clients will now not show puzzles beyond 1411 in the game puzzles list. I know that 1412 shouldn't show up but should 1413?

Q2: were there any stability improvements for mac client built into this latest update?
- Thanks

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Sorry for the delay.

Answers forthcoming!

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