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Hey everyone,

We have a small update with some backend fixes and a new type of puzzle. Notes below!

* New puzzle type: Sketchbook Puzzles (name pending). These puzzles are intended to focus your folding on the early-game. Upon starting or resetting the puzzle, you'll get a budget of some number of moves. Your current fold is completed when you run out of moves. Then it's time to move on and try something else!

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Double omg

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Definition of moves

Are the moves defined the same as in the Achievements section of each player's Profile page (

Are there any LUA commands to report moves done so far on a puzzle? These could help us benchmark the cost of different commands & recipes.

Do you have a list of the present move definitions?


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Only count when score changes

I hope only moves that change the score will be counted - for example, don't count adding/removing bands, changing band length/strength, and changing SS.

Perhaps the in-game leaderboard, instead of showing each player's current score in the middle column, could show their current move count on their current track.

I agree that lua access to the current move count and max allowed moves would be useful for benchmarking scripts, or for setting them to end when a certain % of allowed moves is reached (ensuring that there are moves left for whatever you are planning after the script).

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and a Lua command "current.GetMoveCount()"

This information will be useful to decide when to change strategy (e.g. changing to High Wiggle Power)

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What about evolvers?

It would be challenging for team work to be allowed to make a number of moves, then past it to another evolver etc. The counter starts always at 0 moves, so that 2 evolvers are enough (for small teams).

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Thanks for the feedback everyone. We definitely understand that nailing what is and isn't a move will be key to making these puzzles feel right, so we're looking forward to your testing and input.

For evolvers, we haven't fully fleshed out what this is going to look like.

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Hotfix 7/26

* Some fixes for the upcoming Sketchbook puzzles.

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Hotfix 7/31

Bug Fixes:
* Cutpoints are now only counted once per open/close.
* Fixed not being able to share recipes.

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