Foldit design crystal structure

We've carried out an x-ray diffraction experiment with one of our protein crystals, and were able to solve the first-ever crystal structure of a protein designed by Foldit players! The final crystal structure is a near-exact match to the designed conformation. More details about the crystal structure will be forthcoming. For now, players check out the blog for information about x-ray diffraction, and explore the electron density map in Puzzle 1384!

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Congratulations !

Congratulations to all involved, an amazing and inspiring moment for all of us !

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Very good news!

Very good news! Now you need to connect the distributed artificial intelligence and do the API !!!

OPEN AI is already working on FOLD IT

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Very gratifying news. When

Very gratifying news. When one considers that the contributors come from many different fields, it is also a tribute to collective human ingenuity and resourcefulness, and a validation of the core concept of foldit.

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